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The Open

The 2014 Crossfit Open is over!  It was fun and I think I’m going to miss it.  I always enjoy a good opportunity to reflect on the good, bad and … Continue reading

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On 1 March it is Crossfit 4017’s first birthday, and my one year anniversary of Crossfit. Over this time it has become increasingly clear to me that success is never … Continue reading

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Setting Goals

I am pretty happy with the way 2013 has turned out.  Scratch that.  I am very happy with the way 2013 turned out.  Big things happened, like finding and falling in … Continue reading

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Crossfit for the Unfit

Y’all know that Crossfit is one of my favourite things, and today I had an article published on a  PROPER Crossfit website: Tabata Times.  So be a true pal, and … Continue reading

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This is winning

Linking up for Wordless Wednesday: This, my friends, is what winning looks like: Personal Best back squats Double Unders 20kg overhead with ease Swinging out with 16kg Big thanks to … Continue reading

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What the heck is this Crossfit thingy, anyway?

Yeah yeah, I drank the cool aid: I’m doing another post on Crossfit, but in my defence quite a few of you have asked what the heck it is, and … Continue reading

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What it feels like to come last

On Sunday afternoon I finished unpacking the groceries then locked myself in the toilet and cried. Big quiet tears of frustration, anger and embarrassment. Then I wiped my face down, … Continue reading

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A Crying Shame

I’m not 100% sure on the etiquette here, but I’m just going to dump a link to someone else’s work in my blog. Never been a massive Annabel Crabb fan … Continue reading

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Next year I am NOT entering the Open

I knew I shouldn’t have entered the Open this year. And no, not because I’m pissed off with the Bait and Switch tactics of Scaled 15.1 and 15.2 (keep my … Continue reading

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