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Being Bold

Better-To-AskTomorrow is my annual review/goal setting session with my boss. There shouldn’t be any dramas – we communicate well, so I know the general gist of where I stand.

I am expecting it to be a good process. I have drafted up my goals, and my personal development plan. I look forward to hearing some feedback, although bless the cotton socks of my manager, detailed feedback isn’t one of his strengths. In previous of these meetings I have had the urge to shake him and say, “I know things are going well, but surely you could pick apart a couple of aspects of my performance.  I sure as heck know a few areas that could do with some work!”.  It can feel like, without some constructive criticism being offered, the praise doesn’t feel as genuine or mean as much!

Anyway, the big thing for me is that I am going to be Bold. I am going to ask to be his Acting Manager when he is away.  Standard.  Not swapping it around with other staff too.

I think it should be Me. I know more about what is going on with the unit than any other staff member, my HR/Finance/Admin skills are a large part of what keeps the unit day-to-day ticking, I am the only other manager/leader in the team, and whenever my boss is away, it is always me that the Big Boss comes to if he needs something done or advice anyway.

So I’m going to put my case and see what happens. This is a big step for me – I’m not great at blowing my own trumpet, or putting myself “out there”, but I know this is what I want and it is time to say it.


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