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BunkOne image incorporating three loves: The Wire, swearing, and fashion.

Of course, just because I love the greatest TV show ever (yo) it doesn’t follow that I can write or produce anything worthy of screen time.  And oh, how I do love to swear. I do, I do. But I cannot swear with impunity.

So it is that my love of fashion doesn’t render me a fashionista, or even impart on me a stylish je ne sais quoi. Sure, I put in the effort to look good, but my innate sense of practicality and comfort, peared with my body shape, leave me about two (three, four?) steps behind those people out on the street who make you gasp with their ability to pull it all together.

So I have settled for looking “done” – that is, I’ve put in obvious effort, without going so far as to look like I’ve failed at what I was trying to achieve.

Those good folks at The Lounge want me to tell you my greatest fashion fail. It is not an outfit but a state of mind. A time of life when I continued to wear outfits that I knew looked no good, but I was used to wearing them, people at work were used to seeing them, and so it felt like no harm was being done.

But of course there was harm – I was showing myself a complete lack of self- respect, acting as if I didn’t deserve better. And that cuts deeper into your psyche than a one day outing of flouro legwarmers ever could.

I’ve left that place now.

For good, motherfuckers.

Check out more tales of fashion woe with the link hosted by The One and Only, That Renowned Sartorial Genius, Slap Dash Mama


4 comments on “Yo!

  1. SlapdashMama
    May 9, 2013

    I utterly ADORE The Wire – you feel me?
    I’m so glad you’ve left “that” place. I couldn’t agree more about feeling like you don’t deserve to look nice or wear what you want. EFF THAT! Also, can I put that on my tombstone? “The One and Only, That Renowned Sartorial Genius…”. I will have to quote you as nobody in my real life would believe anyone had ever said it HAHA! Thank you so much for linking up with #thelounge! From me, Lounge Lizard of the Minute.

  2. Tegan
    May 9, 2013

    I think becoming a mum and putting on a lot of weight has put me in ‘that’ place. It just doesn’t feel worth it when I have ‘this coloured sack’ or ‘this coloured sack’ to choose from.

  3. Rachel
    May 9, 2013

    I might be a little bit in that place at the moment with my work wardrobe. I actually need to buy some new stuff but don’t want to a) until I lose 5 kg at least and b) until the mega fucking bills we seem to have been hit with lately are paid off. But it IS about deciding that you are worth the effort and even without new clothes I really could and should do a bit more with what I’ve got!

    Thanks for linking with The Lounge and for the metaphorical kick up the butt 🙂

  4. Ness
    May 9, 2013

    I’m feeling a little ‘blah’ with it all, so I may well be in ‘that place’ you mention. I’m high maintenance and I fervently wish to be low maintenance. One of those people who can just pull on an oufit, put their hair in pony tail and look great within five minutes. Obviously I’m all wrong and thinking of models. It’s only models who can do that, right?

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