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I’ve been pretty haphazard with blogging lately – unfortunately I’m not one of those SAHMs who can tippy-tap-type away on my AirMac every day, sipping my coffee whilst waiting for the twinnies Xavier and India to finish their advanced speech-therapy classes.

Oh, come on!

That was a joke, bitches.  I try, but I just CAN’T be all butterfly kisses and rainbows all the time like the rest of you bloggettes.  I need to BREAK OUT occasionally man.

OK, if you’re still with me, let me continue:

I’ve been pretty haphazard with blogging lately – it’s not that the gloss has worn off, not at all, I think I’m just enjoying the “downtime” of reading so much that I don’t get around to writing!

I’m finding lots of great stories and inspiration through Facebook (I’ve finally got organized with lists so I can see ALL the pages I want when I want), intermittent Bloglovin’ checks and my constant go-to, Twitter.  Thank god for 3G – my train commute is my main chill-out reading time.

One of the posts I perused the other day on Kiki and Tea was about the Art of Commenting (read it – go on). It got me thinking about how I comment: Is it a chore undertaken purely in the hope of return visits? Occasionally. Do I plonk out a quick “Love it” instead of writing why and how I loved and connected with the post? Yeah, a fair bit. Do I write something meaningful (if not deep and meaningful, at least with meaning to the post content)? I do try, but it is probably rarer than I (and you) would like.

Well, now I’m going to try harder. If I am blogging less, then I figure I can still get to know people through the comments of their blogs (and have them get to know me).

Those writerly-types amongst you might already know that a big rule of writing is show don’t tell – makes sense now that I know it too. I am going to aim to show PERSONALITY in my comments.  I’m pretty sure I have personality… Yeah, a bit. Sometimes I might just Not Comment, especially if for whatever reason your post didn’t connect with me. It happens. No biggie, I bet a lot of the time my writing doesn’t connect with you either.  Happily, blogs also fulfil a personal purpose for me (and I imagine you too).

Whilst we’re on the No Comment-ing, it also happens that I do most of my reading on my phone, which HATES Blogger – so it’s very possible that I have lots of comment to make on your blog that my phone just won’t let happen.  It’s REALLY annoying, but just the way it is – sorry Blogger folks.

And hey! Sometimes I bite my tongue very hard in an effort not to day something if I’ve got nothing nice to say in comments. Anyone else wish that every now and again they could be a bit of a judgy-gossip-pants, because that’s what they’re really like with friends?  I mean, sure, I don’t have to read your blog, but whilst I genuinely like you sometimes you say the stupidest shit – surely I could just make one eensy-weensy comment along the lines of what I am thinking of your latest post….  You might not like it, but I bet some other people would  laugh their arses off.

Yeah yeah, I know I can’t and I WON’T.  But just think of the fun…

What’s your commenting philosophy?


13 comments on “Comment on THIS

  1. Thanks for the link to my post! 🙂

    It feels good to see that something I’ve written has made an impact on someone!

    I like your idea about “not-commenting” too… sometimes deciding not to comment is just as important as trying to write a good comment.

  2. Have a laugh on me
    August 27, 2013

    I also try and get my personality out there through my comments as don’t have time to blog as much as I want to. I say comment honestly, as long as it’s not nasty – but you have the wit to make it sound honest without the nasty I’m sure! I don’t comment on posts that bore me, but I do sometimes feel obliged to comment on posts that comment on mine- but then again not always. The only rule I have is that there ARE NO RULES – whatever, I just do what I can. And I know I love comments so I try and share the love. How about this for a big comment, I think I’ve writing for about a minute now, GO ME! 🙂 Em

  3. mummywifeme
    August 27, 2013

    If I read someone’s post then I always comment. I try to make it honest and heartfelt and just be me. I love your first three pars of this post. At first when I was reading it I was like hang on WTF? 😉

  4. Zita
    August 27, 2013

    I can definitely relate to this post! I am struggling to find the time to devote to blogging, not because I don’t want to bt because life, work and other priorities get in the way! And I do rad a lot but only comment on those that I really connect with, rather than writing something meaningless on every one I read… Which is kind of a catch 22 because I love getting comments!

  5. Ed @ The Tunnel
    August 27, 2013

    Thanks for referring us to John’s post. I left a comment there about the peculiar problems of commenting on behalf of a group of writers (which is what The Tunnel is). John suggested that it is probably best (and easiest) to comment on blogs as an individual, rather than as a website. So now I’m Ed @ The Tunnel – as in “Editor” (not Cowan).

    Thanks for helping me get a new name in cyberspace!

    • Katyberry
      August 28, 2013

      It’s great, isn’t it, the way some blog posts are just general entertainment, and then every now and again you read a post and things totally click in a new way. And it can be the most random and unexpected of blogs that make you stop and think sometimes.
      I like your new name Ed

      • Ed @ The Tunnel
        August 28, 2013

        Thanks. I feel like I have joined a cult with the new name but I am sure I will get used to it!

  6. Tegan Churchill
    August 27, 2013

    I have lots of tongue biting moments and there there are times where I work really hard to work out a way to say ‘hey this is not ok’ when a blogger is doing something that isn’t all that great. I recently read a post that questioned and discussed at length another persons mental health, something that I didn’t agree with. I sat on it for 24 hours and it was still bugging me so I said something. It was met with a sorrynotsorry but I am glad that I still said something.
    There are also lots of times that I want to write something awesome in the comments, I really do but I have a short attention span, like two year old on crack short. So if I write something quick, know that I am writing it from a place of honesty but I’m just having a less than awesome day. xx

    • Katyberry
      August 28, 2013

      Well then, I am more than a little chugged that you wrote a fab long comment for me. Oh, look a ducky…

    • redlandcitygirl
      August 30, 2013

      You could always turn a looong comment into a blog post instead, and link back to the blog post that inspired it – that’s a great way to share the love! xxx

  7. Salz
    August 28, 2013

    Love it!

    Lol. I bite my tongue on my own blog. I have so many family members on there reading it now that I can’t just have a rant about them. one person will read it then that person will go ohh did you read salz post. fucken had enough. I think I built a clean blog and I hate that cause i swear a lot in real life. but i think im changing now i dont think i will work with companies any more (yeah right until i get something magnificent) so i can be the dummy spit queen and use my swear words. Fuck!

    • Katyberry
      August 28, 2013

      Fuck Yeah!!

      (Anyone that knew me would be amazed if I could keep swear words out of anything) (although come to think of it, I did start out with the idea of this being a professional-type blog, hmmmm I obviously forgot about that somewhere along the way)

  8. redlandcitygirl
    August 30, 2013

    I try be me when I comment and really interact with the blogger and their post. That said, sometimes when I’m participating in a linky I feel I “have” to comment on what I’ve read and there are times when I’ve just got nuttin’ ta say … so I might leave a boring comment … but please, I’m anything BUT boring! lol

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