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On 1 March it is Crossfit 4017’s first birthday, and my one year anniversary of Crossfit.

Over this time it has become increasingly clear to me that success is never the sole property of one individual – it is shared with all the people who help along the way.

One year on, now is the right time for me to express my thanks to the 4017 community who have been a part of my success – who have made me feel welcome and wanted, given me strength and confidence, and recognised a powerful new me long before I did.

I’m too much of a scaredy cat to say these thanks aloud to your face, but I’ve got courage just enough to write it down and share it with you. I will be awkward and embarrassed the next time I see you all, but the alternative – to never tell you that your words, your actions, the ones that seem like nothing, meant so much – isn’t a real option.

I’m going to name just a small handful of you, but every 4017 member who has said Hi Kat, or smiled at me and cheered me on, or been nice about my writing, has made a difference to how this year has turned out.

Nat – you welcomed me by name at that very first WOD and every WOD since.  You make me feel like an important part of this box.

Aka – you got me through those first WODs by being there with me, and now my heart fills with pride when I see what you have achieved.

Colleen – you are always happy to see me and because of your generous nature, you are one of the people at the box that I feel most comfortable being around.

Rob O – I remember your wobbly overhead squats at the Reddyfit comp, and I watch you now and think “I see your progress” and it inspires me.  My overhead squats are still wobbly.

Amanda F – you quoted my writing back to me to show me how far I have come and I was amazed that anyone would remember what I wrote and thrilled that you can see that difference in me.

Phil H – you called out from your car to see if I needed a lift home one evening and it was so nice to be part of a team that looks after each other.

Lisa – you welcomed me with a Hi Partner after we’d been put on the same team for the Reddyfit comp and my fears of being the unwanted dead weight in the team faded away.

Jan – you weren’t mad at me when I wrote about you, when you easily could have been.  Instead you are one of my great supporters.

Nate – you smiled at me when we crossed paths running at the Sandgate waterfront and I enjoyed that tiny moment for the sense that, in spite of our vastly different abilities, we are in this together.

Teagan – your overhead carry was faster than my running to keep up with you.  It was hilarious and absurd and showed me that you need to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.

Dean’s kids Siena and Verona – you yelled out “Go Mrs Ansell” at that first comp, and you still do when I run past you in the driveway and it makes me feel great.

Emma – in your early WODs you struggled getting the bar above your head, and I recognised my past-self and felt strong for where I had reached, and happy in the knowledge that you had that in front of you.

Loree – confiding in me that you weren’t confident enough to compete surprised me and made me realise that competing in itself is a feat to be proud of regardless of the outcome. I look forward to competing beside you soon and seeing you realize how amazing you are.

Skye – poking fun of my very pink workout clothes made me feel like I was a part of the gang. And I’m pretty sure you’re just jealous of my style.

Jodie C – writing on my Facebook how great you thought I did at that day’s WOD made me feel strong and proud that you would have even noticed.

Morag – sharing your weight-loss story really challenged my “some people are just fit and skinny” cop-out mindset, and I am so much the better for it.

Rob S – your high fives at the end of the WOD remind me that getting through each one is an achievement.

Jodie K – I can hardly believe how you have taken to Crossfit. I’m so happy for you that I’ve hardly got time to be jealous of your fast progress 🙂

Kerrie – the fact that you can run So Far is amazing to me, and I think of you every time I go running (I’m up to 2.4km now).

Liz – I am always pleased to see you turn up to the 6pm class because I know we will have fun together.

Nat & Dan & Ange & Tay – you were so friendly at the 4017 comp when I was so nervous about everything – you were the first “new friends” whose names I really tried to remember!

Mick – you’ve never given up on me and my terrible flexibility, you always have a suggestion and something new for me to practice and try. And, like me, you swear.

Byron – seeing you work so hard in a WOD reminds me that coming last means nothing at all.

My husband Justin – Crossfit isn’t your thing, but you have made it clear time and again that you are so proud of me. You believe in me when I don’t. You take on the brunt of keeping the girls and our home ticking along. I couldn’t have invested the time into Crossfit that I have if it wasn’t for that help and support. And you don’t complain, you just serenade me with “You’ve abandoned me” every chance you get, and I love you for it.

Well, I’m no longer the new girl at the box. Plenty of newbies have taken my place. They may never say it, but I know you are making a difference to them too.  The power of our community is immense.


3 comments on “Thanks

  1. Jodie
    February 11, 2014

    Oh Kat, that was so beautiful to read..thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all of those special moments ..and making me cry (in a good way!!!) I agree with everything you’ve is immensely inspiring to be a part of such a wonderful, caring, enthusiastic and supportive team. Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished this year mate, and thank you (and Aka) so much for introducing me to the wonderful world of crossfit.

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me
    February 12, 2014

    I’ve heard it’s some hard shit to do – I take my hat off to you! And wow check out all that support, so nice to read 🙂

  3. Me
    February 14, 2014

    WOW – I love how you have acknowledged the people who have helped you along the way – what a lovely lady you are !!!
    I think of you every time I hear CrossFit and I wonder about whether it would be something I could do – and then I close my eyes and say no, I should probably just carry on with my pump and water classes.
    Have the best day and hold your head up high – you are a true warrior !!!

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