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The Open

The 2014 Crossfit Open is over!  It was fun and I think I’m going to miss it.  I always enjoy a good opportunity to reflect on the good, bad and otherwise, even though it is hard to remember back FIVE WHOLE WEEKS.

My Musings:

Crossfit 4017 is Awesome

The atmosphere in the box on Open days was fiercely supportive and enjoyable for competitors and spectators alike, and it was exhilarating watching our own 4017 superstars – the ones who are strong and fast (and in my mind, as good as it can possibly get), and the ones who gave everything regardless of score.

Now I think of it, that was EVERYONE.  It really is quite the honour to be amongst you all.

Judging Be Hard

Keeping count is stressful: 1-2-3-oh fuck, got distracted, 6-7-8- again? fuck me, 8-9-10.  Was this just me?  Sorry everyone.

Real Crossfitters Cry

They do too, so shut up!

Real Crossfitters Celebrate

They ring the PB bell, they do happy dances and they post the crap out of it on Facebook.

The WODs


Hahaha! We were all so cute, panicking about double unders! Those were the halcyon days!


Whoomp!  There weren’t too many who could get through all 10 overhead squats at that weight, and then fewer still who could pump out some chests to bar as well.  All my yellow couldn’t get me across the line, and tears were shed (reference the Real Crossfitters thing above).


I bloody well sort out my box jump action THAT SAME WEEK and then Castro goes and allows step ups.  Bastard!


The “take it easy” WOD, where I spent 10 or so minutes swinging around on the bar, ripping up my hands, but on the second go around actually achieving toes to bar! Winner!  Forget the Competitive Edge, I was so happy I just played around getting some more until the clock ran down. And then there were those that got to the Wall Balls and BEYOND.  Superhuman freaks – you were amazing to watch.


Hahaha!  I’m laughing again, because as a partner WOD at 15kg it was great fun!  Not so sure about for everyone else – people seemed pained?

The Best Bits

The just-a-little-bit competitive side of me loved 14.1 because unlike many others, I KNEW I could do double unders, and I got a decent score. Then everyone practiced and had another go on Monday and I didn’t look so much the star. But for a day or two, man……

I also can’t go past the thrill of swinging like a maniac and actually getting my toes onto the bar! Such a hoot, although I’m not sure it had too much to do with core strength.

When it came to everyone else’s Open, I must say that there is something really special about being present to witness your friends fight for their next rep – there is a brutal determination, a hunger to keep going, that is the hallmark of our crew.

Yes, I will be back in 2015.


2 comments on “The Open

  1. Rachel McKeering
    March 31, 2014

    you see Kat you understand. Its funny because a friend posted on my FB, ” oh you cried at crossfit, well you are an emo bunny!” She didnt mean harm but that hurt because they just do not understand our pain and drive. Not just that but i fkn completed the entire games! I did my first double under my first toes to bar! I fkn finished!!!!!!! lololol I only joined on the last day at the last moment. I didnt think i was capable.

    haha double under s..challenges the bladder! Let me tell you! The other, toes to bar,, lol hilarious, i squealed like a 2nd grader each time i lifted a leg up! When I touched the bar…there was no squealing, my diaphragm was pushed right up into my lungs there was no air for a squeal…lol haha but when i did well …woop woop! mmy first ever blisters were experienced…proud really….avoided scrubbing at work for several days lol

    Achievement is amazing and gives a person new perspective and appreciation to individual achievements in life, irrespective of the results.

    You know what we have a fantastic group of people at 4017. That is reflective on our coaches and their dedication and integrity and us as members. I have never felt this type of comradeship in my is amazing…..truly amazing!

  2. Me
    April 1, 2014

    Every time I read a post of yours I wonder if think is something I should be doing. And then, like last night, I started training after a forever break, and I realise that I have very little strength and no cardio to speak of at all and my back and dicky knee don’t help ! You are all sorts of amazingness !!!!
    Good luck in 2015 !

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