The Opinionated Manager

learning to trust my own opinions and expertise

About me

My name is Katrina Wood.

I’d put up a photo, but my most recent professional head shots make me look like a nerdy, old, mumsy manager type, when in reality I’m a hip, happening, funky manager that is down with The Young People Of Today.  Heck, I just installed <insert latest app> on my phone!  So if you want to judge me on my looks, head over to my Linkedin profile, but otherwise you will come to recognise me around social media haunts as Katyberry, rocking a kick-arse pair of cowboy boots with a devil-may-care attitude.

I have 3 young daughters – 2 at primary school and 1 at daycare – and an extremely supportive husband.  As a family we bumble along and we are happy, although I recognise that our choice is a less than common one: I’m one of the very few mums I know, with children around the same age, that works full-time.  But I have done so since they were babies and I honestly believe I am a better person for it.

Shit! Now I sound like one of those blasted mummy bloggers, with their earnest writing about the things going on around them and what it all might mean in the bigger picture.  Oh hang on a minute – that is me – I am just choosing to focus for the most part on the work side of my life.  Phew, rest easy everyone, we all know where we stand.

I take my career seriously – sure I’m just a mid-level manager, but I care about the team I manage, and I want to be the best leader I can be for them.  I’m ambitious and young enough (mid 30s thank you) to be planning further moves up the ladder, even though I’m in no particular rush.

For me this blog is a chance to reflect on some of my experiences, to ask questions and learn from other people, and to start trusting in my opinion and expertise, and having the confidence to express it.


I love hearing your opinions and experiences, so please comment

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